Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lyme Disease in a Blender

After years of being ill, so tired that I could win the lottery and SLEEP would be the only thing that would still be on my mind while trying to forget about all the rest of my symptoms…I’ve finally found an answer as to the “Cause”…now I’m on a determination vacation and trying to find the “Cure” to my ailments.

For the past 3 to 4 years I have been battling a war (with my health) with a one man army (myself).  I have spent that past few years of my life feeling so alone with no where to turn, and had no wonder who would understand what I was going through because I had no proof that I should be feeling bad in the first place.  All of my tests came back normal besides finding antibodies for thyroid disease (Hashimotos) which was diagnosed to me as “Acquired Hypothyroidism” — Acquired…hmm…so I should feel tired in the future but no reason to feel tired now right? — and a hormonal imbalance.  Luckily I work for my parents who are more lenient with me missing work, but it was getting to the point to where they thought I just didn’t want to work and that my being sick every other week was “all in my head” and I needed to “stop thinking about it because I was making myself sick and causing myself to have headaches”… My response to that was “Who in their right mind would want to live their life feeling like this?!?  Why would someone want to make themselves feel bad?!?  Life is so much more enjoyable when you feel well and I would much rather be feeling GREAT and going to work every day feeling GREAT than staying home in bed, SUFFERING! — as you see I still go off on a tangent from being so frustrated from the comments that were thrown at me for all of the agony that I went through by fighting for my health and my life — 

It has been a long road..and I’m sure I have an even longer and bumpier road ahead; but I must say that I finally don’t feel alone.  I finally have a diagnosis and I finally have been fortunate enough to meet people who are just like me and have walked down a similar paths and continue to kick stones in the road as they fight for their lives.  I am so thankful that God lead me to these people and facebook for bringing us all together.  I have learned so much and I still continue to learn something new every day by this Lyme family.

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